Water Operators' Partnerships - WOPs

The rationale behind WOPs

Most humans on the planet rely on water and sanitation utilities every day for essential services.

The work of operators impacts on our health, our environment and almost all of our daily activities. Ensuring that operators can do their jobs well is therefore of critical interest for all of us.

A well-performing operator can sustainably provide quality, safe and affordable services to all customers, while using water efficiently and returning it properly treated to the water cycle. In many parts of the world, operators are providing this level of service, and generate or ensure sufficient and predictable resources to overcome challenges and plan for the future. Other operators are facing huge challenges as a result of climate change, aging infrastructure, or rapid urbanizations, among others, and do not have the in-house capacity to ensure services.

WOPs are rooted in the observation that capacity – often more than finance or any other factor – is a critical, catalytic ingredient in enabling utilities to make meaningful and lasting improvements. WOPs make use of the fact that while some operators are barely getting by, others have an abundance of capacity, and are willing to share it on a solidarity basis. WOPs take advantage of the fact that operators learn well from (and with!) one another.