Operational Support

GWOPA provides direct support to WOPs practice on the ground by helping operators, associations and facilitators implement their partnership.

This activity area includes working closely with existing national and regional WOP platforms in some areas, and mobilizing the needed actors in others.

Support to Regional and National WOPs Platforms

GWOPA has helped establish regional platforms for WOPs in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean. It assists regional WOP platforms to develop business plans, helps them to raise money to support WOPs, and provides guidance on WOPs facilitation and implementation. Given the widely differing requirements from one region to the next, the relationship between GWOPA and the platforms ranges from encouraging international support (by bringing in donors and mentors) to facilitating inter-regional WOPs and knowledge exchange between platforms. More about the WOPs Platforms.

Direct Operational support

GWOPA helps broker and facilitate some partnerships directly. Direct strategic support is carried out under the auspices of the regional platforms, increasing their volume of WOP activities while bringing in additional mentors and expertise, ensuring application of WOPs principles and tools, and maximizing knowledge transfer.

Mobilizing Financial Support for WOPs

The impact of WOPs can go much further when linked with investment in service improvement for mentee operators. GWOPA works to mobilize financial resources to support WOP activity as well as to catalyze follow-up investment.