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Launching the Urban Waters Hub

Helping cities shift gear towards sustainability

Who's involved in the Hub? 

Global Water Partnership
Stockholm International Water Institute
International Water Management Institute
Water Integrity Network

At the historic Habitat III Conference in Quito, on the same day that the New Urban Agenda was adopted by UN member states, a network of organizations took the active step of joining forces to establish the Urban Waters Hub. Recognising that the New Urban Agenda and the SDGs set out the most ambitious vision for urban water management to date, this new initiative will promote, at Global and City levels, the innovative water and wastewater management approaches needed to achieve it.

The Hub aims to respond to demand for information and guidance on how to transition to more sustainable models, including integrated, green and resilient approaches that benefit all members of society. By bringing partners together, the Hub will consolidate and leverage the diverse knowledge, skillsets, networks and efforts of each partner, reducing bottlenecks to the needed transitions.

The concrete actions of the Hub will be elaborated by partners over the coming months, but its aims are to: 1) enhance knowledge by facilitating access to information on innovative urban water management approaches 2) stimulate learning through the creation of communities of practice and fora for exchange 3) advocate at global and regional levels for innovative urban waters management and financial mechanisms and 4) connect people and networks working on these issues.

Hub“The ‘s’ in waters is there to emphasize the fact that the initiative is considering all aspects of water from its source, to its distribution, waste, disposal and recycling, as well as considering that water is, by its very nature, cross-cutting”, says Francois Brikké, the Groups’s Chair. In addition, the “Hub” concept suggests a meeting point where ideas, knowledge and processes converge, arriving from various horizons or sources of expertise and departing towards specific targets and destinations, and vice versa.

The idea of a Hub was first discussed at the 3rd GWOPA Congress in Barcelona in 2015 and was revisited in early 2016, during an Expert Group Meeting which resulted in a more water-friendly New Urban Agenda text. The Hub is envisaged as an open group that could incorporate new members committed to its common cause. In addition to its founding partners, ICLEI, WWC, Wateraid, Capnet and IWA have also expressed interest in potentially joining the Hub once its working modalities are established.

If you would like to find out more or become part of the Hub, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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