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Peer-to-peer activities to support the needs of Pakistan’s water sector

In line with global urbanization trends, Pakistan’s 181 million inhabitants are gravitating towards urban centres.

In terms of water and sanitation, urbanization poses big challenges in a country where optimistic reports indicate access levels between 50-80% for water and 30-50% for sanitation.

Analysis of water resources shows a decrease in availability due to the combined impact of population growth, falling water flows, system losses and erosion in storage capacity. As a result, more than three million Pakistanis contract waterborne diseases yearly.

As part of the response to these challenges, Pakistan Water Operators Network ( P-WON), a network of Pakistani water and sanitation operators was created with GWOPA’s support to support peer learning between both domestically and internationally. Currently there are twelve member operators and the platform is supported by GWOPA, UN-Habitat Pakistan, WaterAid, UNICEF, World Bank Pakistan and the Japanese Cooperation Agency (JICA), among others.
To date, GWOPA has supported P-WON by connecting Pakistani operators with Turkish operators for a peer-learning and training visit that took place in December 2015. As the demand for capacity building among Pakistani operator staff is huge, participants were selected on a competitive basis to ensure the right staff were trained. Those who took part in the training returned to Pakistan and are operationalizing their new knowledge to increase the efficiency of the utility and improve the service for citizens.

In order to support the development of the P-WON platform, it has been paired with another national platform of utilities in Indonesia. PERPAMSI, the Indonesia platform, is a champion of WOPs facilitation and will help establish P-WON as a coordinating body for WOPs.

GWOPA will continue to support the platform and rally support from northern utilities to support training and peer-support for Pakistani utilities.

Who is a member of P-WON?

WASA Faisalabad
WASA Gujranwala
WASA Hyderabad
WASA Lahore
WASA Multan
WSSP Peshawar
WASA Quetta
WASA Rawalpindi
WSSC Mardan

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