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Case Studies & Factsheets

A collection of good WOPs practice from across the globe.

These case studies and factsheets provide a detailed description of diverse WOPs. They cover the formation process, partners, results achieved and lessons learned. Case studies were informed by field research and interviews with operator staff directly involved in the WOP. 

Case studies and factsheets are available in English, Spanish and French

GWOPA WOP Case Studies BEWOP WOP Case Studies  BEWOP Factsheets
Case study 1

BEWOP narrative 1

Factsheet BEWOP 1

WOP: Australia - Philippines

WOP: Brazil - Argentina

WOP: Brazil - Argentina

case study 2

BEWOP narrative 2

Factsheet BEWOP 2

WOP: Indonesia - Malaysia

WOP: France - Morocco

WOP: France - Morocco

case study 3

BEWOP narrative 3

Factsheet BEWOP 3

WOP: Netherlands - Mongolia

WOP: Australia - Fiji

WOP: Australia - Fiji

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