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Assisting Battambang waterworks improve operational efficiency

GWOPA and WaterLinks have joined forces to support a WOP for Battambang Waterworks (BBWW, Cambodia-mentee) with Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) and Yarra Valley Water (YVW) of Melbourne, Australia as co-mentors.

This WOP is also supported by the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft where H.Eck Sonn Chan is posted now. The first diagnosis mission of this 6-month WOP took place in July 2017, with some meetings and participatory workshops with BBWW staff and a field diagnosis. The short-term action plan focused on asset management and meter management. The WOP aimed to assist BBWW to establish an Asset Register as a first step towards developing an asset management program and develop a meter management program.

Over the course of six months, the mentors guided BBWW in making an inventory of its main pipes and water meters in Zone 3 which covers 3,369 connections. YVW developed a simple Excel file that served as a base for BBWW’s asset tagging and identification. BBWW was also taught the kind of information that needed to be collected in respect of these assets: type of material, make/brand of meter, date of installation, date and cause of bursts in the case of pipelines, etc. BBWW presented the status of its asset tagging and data collection activities with mentors providing guidance for its finalisation.

Mentors also assisted BBWW in the development of a meter management program starting off with a policy and procedure for meter testing and replacement. BBWW agreed that all meters 10 years old or older will need to be tested for accuracy. BBWW also began work on the development of a digital application for identifying those meters that will be scheduled for testing as per the agreed procedure and to populate the meter data in the agreed format. This will jump-start BBWW’s commercial loss management program. The policy will be signed by BBWW Managing Director before the end of January.

There was a training session organized in Phnom Penh (benchmarking visit) in October 2017, attended by 8 staff from BBWW on the basics of asset management and meter policy. The program of activities for 2nd mentors visit was a combination of presentations, discussions and actual site visits to selected offices of PPWSA (i.e. GIS and SCADA facilities at the nearby Water Treatment Plant, meter testing bench).

A substantial part of the visit was devoted to the presentation of the initial results of the inventory of pipes and customer meters in Zone 3. The results from the inventory served as the working data for the introductory training in the use of Excel as a tool for data management.

The partners completed the final visit to Battambang Waterworks (BBWW) on 11-15 December marking the end of the Water Operators Partnership (WOP) supported by GWOPA/UN-Habitat. The mentors presented a guide for the development of a Business Improvement Strategy which was first introduced during the second visit at PPWSA. The same was presented to top management and BBWW Director. Managers were keen for a business strategy to be written and agreed amongst department heads as a way to have a clear target for BBWW to aspire to every year and to have clear roles and responsibilities for each department. Director, Mr.Uth Kloeng, agreed to finalise the strategy and adopt the same.

Mentors YVW and PPWSA offered to continue online support if needed. WaterLinks and GWOPA are now working on extending the WOP through support by other donors.



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