Guiding Global Growth

Building the awareness, knowledge and partnerships necessary for WOPs to be applied effectively by operators worldwide.

Knowledge Management

GWOPA researches WOPs and related partnerships around the world to better understand what makes for successful WOPs and to guide effective WOPs practice. Through partnerships with renowned universities and learning institutions, the Secretariat produces documentation, tools and guidance materials. Through its Biannual WOPs Congresses, GWOPA generates new knowledge on WOP practice. Through its WOP database, GWOPA tracks WOP activity globally.

Communications and Advocacy

GWOPA advocates for strengthening operators’ capacity and promotes WOPs by convening and actively participating in global dialogue and international meetings. GWOPA also works to mobilize the political and financial support to scale-up WOPs worldwide.

Alliance Strengthening

Different stakeholders and partners are essential to realizing GWOPA's objectives. GWOPA actively seeks to build its community of operators and WOP supporters, and to develop working partnerships with influential agencies that can promote WOPs and contribute to the various activity areas of GWOPA.


BEWOP is a 5-year research, operational guidance and outreach initiative aimed at boosting the effectiveness of Water Operator Partnerships around the world. Launched in September 2013, BEWOP is a collaboration between a world leading water sector capacity development institute, UNESCO-IHE, and UN-Habitat's Global Water Operators' Partnership Alliance, the organization leading the global WOPs movement. This project was made possible with the support obtained from the Dutch Government. More about BEWOP.

Access to Water in Nairobi

The Socio Economical and Infrastructural Mapping and Analysis of Nairobi is a pilot-project led by GWOPA with the overall objective of mapping and explaining the performance differentials of the water and sanitation service operator at the neighborhood level in Nairobi, Kenya. Consult the page